Core team

Dr. Michal Parizek is Assistant Professor and the Deputy Head of the Department of International Relations at the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University. He conducts research and teaches courses on international politics and international organizations. He has studied at Charles University, at the University of Bath, at Princeton University, and at Freie Universität Berlin. In his research, he focuses on global information inter-connectedness and on the functioning of international institutions. The results of his research have been published in leading scholarly journals in the field of International Relations, including in International Studies Quarterly (2020), The Review of International Organizations (2017, 2020), New Political Economy (2018), and Comparative European Politics (2018). Michal is the principal investigator of GLOWIN.

Dr. Barbora Fuksová works for a Czech IT and data science company and is a part-time researcher at the Peace Research Center Prague (PRCP), Charles University. She obtained her PhD in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge, applying statistical techniques and large-scale data analysis on archaeological evidence. She contributes to the work of GLOWIN as a member of PRCP, focusing on automated text analysis techniques.

Dr. Jakub Stauber is a lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Political Studies, Charles University. His research is focused on the political party organizations in the context of the institutionalization theory. He specializes mainly in the use of quantitative methods and simulation studies in political science. The results of his research have appeared, among others, in Journal of Public Affairs (2020) and East European Politics (2018). In GLOWIN, he focuses on data collection and advanced automated text analysis techniques.

Dr. Jakub Tesař is a researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University. In his PhD project, he connected two areas of his expertise (Physics and International Relations, both studied at the graduate level) when he examined possible applications of the quantum theory in the social sciences, namely quantum game theory. He continues his research on quantum models of decision-making and on global flows of political information. In his courses, he focuses on IR theory and methodology, global politics of the environment, and applied game theory. His research has appeared, among others, in Decision (2020), Human Affairs (2015), Technology in Society (2020), and Plasma Sources Science and Technology (2019). In GLOWIN, Jakub focuses particularly on the development and refinement of the information theoretical framework for assessing the information content of news.

Doctoral students and research affiliates

Jan Dostál is a doctoral student at the Institute of Political Studies, Charles University. His dissertation research is focused on public consultations by international organizations, in particular on explaining variation among them in terms of level of public engagement. His main interest in GLOWIN is in how media communicate information about international organizations to the general public.

Anna Jordanová is a doctoral student at the Institute of International Studies, Charles University. Her main research activities related to GLOWIN focus on quantitative research of conflicts and on transnational flows of information in media.  In her doctoral research, she focuses on political regimes of Central Asia.

Tereza Plíštilová is a doctoral student at the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University. In her master’s thesis, she focused on the Israel Defense Forces’ Twitter campaign and their construction of narratives during the Gaza protests. In her doctoral thesis and in GLOWIN, she examines protest movements in the Middle East after the Arab Spring and their visibility in media, using mixed-methods research design.

Omar Dumdum is a doctoral candidate in Mass Communication at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a research affiliate of GLOWIN, focusing in his work on the relationship between the news media and international organizations. The results of his research have been published, among others, in Political Communication and Mass Communication and Society.

Research assistants

For Winter 2021/2022, a group of research assistants has joined GLOWIN to help us with our work on the coding of news media content. They are all Master’s students at our Institute of Political Studies. They come from all corners of the World: Jacob from the U.S., Joy from Lebanon, Karolína from Slovakia, Lukas from Sweden, Ehsan from Iran, Kitti from Hungary, David from Canada, Matěj and Daniel from Czechia, and Kathrin from Belarus.

Jacob Condran
Joy El Hajaly
Karolína Farská
Lukas Krehla
Ehsan Moghaddam
Kitti Nagy
David O’Blenis
Matěj Prášil
Daniel Šárovec
Kathrin Yaromich