Data to be shared, tools to be used

GLOWIN is a very data-intensive project. It maps the content of online news from more than 30,000 media outlets and close to 200 countries. GLOWIN also develops a novel methodology for estimating the information content of politically relevant news. On this site, we will make available the output of our work – the data as well as the information-processing tools. Right now, we are in the middle of data collection and processing.

Our approach in application: COVID-19

Here is a small teaser, showcasing the kind of data and insight we work on in GLOWIN. This interactive map shows coverage intensity of COVID-19 in online media across the world in 2020. It depicts the per cent share of news, in the given month, that mention the disease (Covid, Covid-19, etc.) or the virus (SARS-Cov-2, coronavirus, etc.).

Any insights? Note the enormous intensity of COVID-19 coverage in March and April 2020, with close to 50% of all articles, or even above that, referring to the disease. But also note the relative decline of coverage towards summer and onward, where visibility of COVID-19 stayed at around half of the values from spring, in spite of the massive autumn 2020 waves.